Best Corporate Governance Practice

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Best corporate governance practice = best management practice The regulatory approach to the subject would regard governance as something on its own, to do with ensuring a balance between the various interested parties in a company’s affairs, or more particularly a way of making sure that the chairman or chief executive is under control, producing transparency in reporting or curbing over-generous remuneration packages. This indeed is what the Cadbury recommendations and the subsequent reports and code are all about. However, as we express in the rest of this website, we regard this as much too limited a view of governance, and hence of best corporate governance practice. The essence of success in business is:

* having a clear and achievable goal
* having a feasible strategy to achieve it
* creating an organization appropriate to deliver
* Having in place a reporting system to guide progress.
Failure of corporate governance
1. You start your business for the wrong reasons.
Would the sole reason you would be starting your own business be that you would want to make a lot of money? Do you think that if you had your own business that you'd have more time with your family? or maybe that you wouldn't have to answer to anyone else? If so, you'd better think again. On the other hand, if you start your business for these reasons, you'll have a better chance at entrepreneurial success: * You have a passion and love for what you'll be doing, and strongly believe -- based on educated study and investigation -- that your product or service would fulfill a real need in the marketplace. * You are physically fit and possess the needed mental stamina to withstand potential challenges. Often overlooked, less-than-robust health has been responsible for more than a few bankruptcies. * You have driven determination, patience and a positive attitude. When others throw in the towel, you are more determined than ever. * Failures don't defeat you....
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