Best Company for 25 Years Nordstrom

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Nordstrom – Great Service for Over 100 Years
Best Company for 25 Years

At Nordstrom one of the greatest benefits available to employees is that they are basically hired to be nice to people, and they are given the tools, resources and back-up support to do just that. Being nice in business terms means providing outstanding customer service, anticipating and meeting people’s needs, and creating an extraordinary workplace where employees want to work - all hallmarks of Nordstrom since its founding in 1901. External recognition of Nordstrom’s legendary customer service comes often, yet it is the letters from customers that really keep employees going. While some of the service stories are really quite extraordinary what is even more extraordinary is the depth of encouragement and support employees receive from their managers and leaders to provide this exemplary service. And this has been happening for over 00 years in a company that has been recognized on every 00 Best Companies to Work For list published in Fortune magazine since 998, and in the two books of the same name published in 993, and 985.

Finding Nice People
The hiring challenge at Nordstrom is very simple – they want to hire people who love to sell, have an interest in fashion, and want to provide great service to customers. And, while most everyone has their good days, the times when all is right with the world, and being nice comes naturally, Nordstrom has made finding people who can consistently be nice under a variety of circumstances into an art form. Managers are trained in behavioral interviewing techniques to help create interview experiences through which they can gain the best insight possible into a person’s ability to sell with grace and a clear focus on the needs of the customer. Since Nordstrom has a longstanding practice of Nordstrom promoting from within, people are hired with a focus on the long term. Basic traits and personality are important, as is a willingWeb address....................... ness to learn. Coaching, mentoring and ongoing training are all Corporate Headquarters ....... Seattle, WA offered to help insure that new hires will transition smoothly into Year founded ...................... 90 Nordstrom’s culture and become part of the very successful sales President ........................... Blake Nordstrom force. Ninety-four percent of employees responding to the Trust Industry ............................. Retail-Specialty Index© employee survey said that often or almost always NordTotal Worldwide revenues..... $8,828,000,000 strom is a friendly place to work. Nordstrom hires you, gives you your work Job Applications in past year .... 40,073 expectations, and then steps back so you can do your job. You are continually coached and taught new approaches and ideas that help you grow as a contributing individual.

US Employees (FT, PT, Temp) .... 50,77

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Fair Pay

I have been amongst retailers for over 50 years. As a supplier and now employee there is no major retailer that has a better-developed culture in dealing with employees, suppliers, and most important - customers than Nordstrom. I am empowered to deal with any customer situation by using “good judgment” without going to management.

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Everybody gets along very well no matter race, sexual orientation or age. I’ve never worked for a company that has almost no drama, and someone who is so willing to help you.

All Nordstrom salespeople are paid on a commission basis, reflecting a commitment to pay people for their performance. Policies are clearly defined and shared with people before they are hired. This is seen as a win-win situation for the customer and the employee because the salesperson must really listen and deliver the merchandise the customer wants. Salespeople also can have a significant influence over the amount of money they earn. The average

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