Best Companies to Work for and Why

Topics: HCL Technologies, Employment, Childcare Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: October 7, 2010
* Warm and Organized welcome
* Customer Satisfaction
* Exciting and co-operative Environment
* New recruits coming up-College Campus feel
* Headcount quadrupled and revenues grew 5 times
* Growing people plays a key role
* Mentor-Mentee system works successfully, two way learning(upward learning, downward learning as well as horizontal learning takes place) * Employees can SWITCH ROLES
* People focussed company
* Three women in its 11-member India Leadership Team
* Great place to work for woman
* Each employee gets three paid days every year to go and work on any social cause or at any NGO of his or her choice. They can even auction old household items or their own services to raise money for their causes.

“At the end of the day, what we are doing in India is trying to make a difference.

* Retain Employees
* Create Leadership
* Institutionalised practices to make itself employeefriendly * Seek feedback from people within the company
* Fullfledged day-care centre to co-exist with a “Baby’s Day Out” facility * Women are now allowed to take up to one year of leave for every six years of service to balance commitments between work and family * Then, it has launched Dhriti, a MindTree Women’s Network, as a support system to facilitate knowledge sharing, learning, mentoring and networking * compensation at the 75th percentile in the industry (this means its compensation will be higher than 75 per cent of companies in the industry) * MindTree has launched an internal job postings system to help employees align their aspirations with available opportunities * MindTree is a young company, so, one gets the opportunity to take on challenging roles early on

* strong emotional connect that employees at J&J have with the company * employees are also given leave for reasons like your wife’s pregnancy * Even...
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