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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Wendy Betts
Bus 101
9 March 2013
A Television Commercial I Like.
The product that is represented in the commercial I like is the Dodge RAM. The Dodge RAM is known to be a tough and reliable tool that hard working men would drive and use in professions known for demanding work. The RAM is also known to have style, comfort and an appeal to women and families as well as men. This product is about versatility, both in the work environment, and in the family and recreational aspects of life. The RAM has its roots in American values. Americans have always had a trend for trucks, a sense of strength and freedom and a feeling of security because of their size and structure.

The commercial for the RAM was portrayed through the eyes of God, being created for a farmer. This commercial portrayed all the aspects you would want in a RAM and the type of person that would need to own one. It represented the hard worker, the family man and dad as well as the caring and tender person to care for injured and sick animals, showing the softer side of RAM owners. I thought it was a bold move to show a man praying and having faith in God. This commercial targets hard working and faithful people in the United States. This commercial expressed value, not only in dollars, but also personal value. It struck a chord with which people want to be, hardworking, God fearing and compassionate. This advertisement communicated information to the consumer that would encourage them to buy this product. It connected people in society at large by putting an emotional attachment to the RAM. Consumers often buy according to emotion, not just facts. Attitudes of consumers must be understood and targeted. This was achieved in this commercial as it listed all the attributes of a farmer. It placed the buyer in the pew of a church. It showed a dad passing on traditions to a son, and it tied this tradition to a way of life and the RAM at the same time.

After viewing this commercial,...
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