Best Christmas Ever

Topics: Christmas, Family, The Lion King Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: March 11, 2013
I know it’s almost Christmas but I’m just not in the Christmas mood because we always have the same old Christmas where feed the poor, go to church, and open present. But one day my dad told me to get ready for the time of my life because you’ll never forget it. On a usually cold winter day here in Denver, Colorado on December 15,2000 my family and I were in the kitchen eating breakfast until my dad eagerly came downstairs with a smile so big you could see his teeth. “Good Morning” my dad said to everyone one the breakfast table, guess what today is? ….. with a big pause my mom said “I don’t know dear tell me” December 15!!! My dad said like it was a big deal. My mom smiled and said “why are you so happy”, because “I have something very special planed for Christmas he replied” so get ready tomorrow were going on an airplane ride to somewhere beautiful for Christmas. The next day came and we were getting ready to go somewhere beautiful my dad said yesterday, but it wasn’t easy as I thought, we had to pack clothes, shoes, bathroom items, and extra shorts, sunglasses, and even sunscreen for our long and meaningful journey.After we got done packing we headed to an airport called Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Colorado Springs. When we got there they asked for our tickets and we got on board the plane to that beautiful place my dad said earlier on the day for our ride to somewhere we’ll never forget. When we got on the plane the air plane messenger said put on your seatbelts our first class plane to Florida will be heading of soon. You couldn’t believe how happy the family was when we heard that because we never knew that our dad would do anything this spectacular in our wildness dreams, because ever since he had been laid off from his job things had been though lately, but we never knew he found another job at the hospital working as an Registered Nurse, but it didn’t matter because for the first time ever we’ll be spending...
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