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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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In the story of George, who is introduced to work in a laboratory of chemical and biological warfare, he has to chose between two options which are accepting the job in the laboratory to keep the family happy, or rejecting it even though he knows that his wife is working hard under pressure to support for the family financial affairs. According the utilitarianism theory, George should accept the job even though he doesn’t want it. The theory states that, “the greatest happiness is a standard that determines right and wrong”. People must weigh between happiness and unhappiness, and then chose what will be the best solution for the situation. George should accept his job because it helps him to bring happiness to the family. He is the main person in his family, who provides most income sources for both his wife and his children. Therefore, taking the job is the right decision for him to keep the family happy. In general, taking the job will help him to solve the current family problems such as helping his wife to release strain, and have more time to take good care of the children. Whenever George brings happiness to his family, he will be also a person who benefits that happiness as well. He probably feels more relax everyday when he got home after work with his happy wife and lovely kids. Whenever his wife and the kids feel happy, he will have good attitude and will be full of energy to enjoy his life and contribute to his job significantly. On the contrary, if he doesn’t take the job, his wife has to work hard under stress to earn enough income for the family. Due to that hard working situation, his wife may feel tired and careless to the family, so their relationship would be unsecured at this point. In addition, Utilitarianism also advises that “we must consider unhappiness or pain as well as happiness”, so George should consider how his children’s future will be affect when they don’t get enough care from parents such as love and education. Additionally,...
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