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  • Published : July 12, 2011
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Best Buy Field Trip
Ashley Pugh
MGT 3190 sec2
June 15, 2011

I chose Best Buy and my initial impression of the store is a good one. The layout flows very well so you can easily access any part of the store. Then you can easily find where the checkout station. I feel that blue and yellow are the perfect colors to represent Best Buy; it is very eye-catching without being over the top. There are no advertisements outside of the store but once your inside they are all over the place. But it is all very well organized; the advertisements are located in areas corresponding to the products surrounding. My appeal to the store starts as soon as I walk in; there is always someone there to direct you, then once you get to your part of the store they have people who are specialized in that area there to help you even more. Customer segments that Best Buy is designed to appeal to include affluent professional males, young entertainment enthusiasts who appreciate a digital lifestyle, upscale suburban moms, families who are practical technology adopters and small businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

This store reveals so much about American society, first it just goes to show how much we rely on technology, its everywhere around us. The electronic sales companies like best buy have not made it to Best Buys level. Best Buy is like the Wal-Mart of electronic stores. Looking at the camera, a common consumer item, you see there are many brads available. They have around 20 brands to choose from each having their own distinct qualities. With cameras, the things that I consider appealing are quality, sound, the color, video capability, and price.

All of the employees seem to be well educated in their fields. I am sure that the company may have their problems with the employees, but I have always come out with satisfactory customer service. From the customers eyes there is not much evidence of environmental consciousness. Though I am sure that the way they dispose of...
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