Best Buy Culture

Topics: Best Buy, Organizational studies, ROWE Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: January 20, 2012
Question – 1 Describe the culture of Best Buy
Answer – 1 Best Buy culture has changed tremendously. The company’s culture was once to embrace long hours and sacrifice, now the culture is more relaxed. The employees are now really able to run their own schedule as well as their own work progress. Before the ROWE program was introduces to the Best Buy employees would have to work until they found a solution. That means staying at work all night and day if the job or situation requires it.   For example the book talks about one employee that was given a plaque for staying up and at work for three days to right a report that was due.   He made a sacrifice for his job that made him end up in the hospital. The ROWE program which stands for Results-Only Work Environment program is a way that employees can still work whether in the office, at home, or coffee shop as long as they finish the job. This program has changed the culture of Best Buy as well as the performance.

Question – 2 discuss the approach to Organizational change that the ROWE program illustrate Answer – 2 Instead of launching a work-life balance program, Best Buy rethought the very concept of work. Under the Results-Only Work Environment program or ROWE, employees can work when and where they like, as long as they get the job done. The ROWE program is based on 13 principles and rules. The key ones include: * There are no work schedules in the traditional sense.

* Every meeting is optional with a few key exceptions.
* There is no focus on “how many hours did you work”
* Work is not a place you go, it’s something you do.
* As long as work is done, employees do whatever they want whenever they want. * In brief ROWE is all about results. No results, no job. The public relations team has papers to make sure someone is always available in an emergency. Many teams realized that they need only one regular weekly meeting, so they eliminated the unproductive ones. By ROWE culture the...
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