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Best Buy

By | November 2012
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SWOT is an acronym for the internal Strengths and Weaknesses of a firm and the environmental Opportunities and Threats facing that firm. SWOT analysis is a widely used technique through which managers create a quick overview of a company’s strategic situation. The technique is based on the assumption that an effective strategy derives from a sound “fit” between a firm’s internal resources (strengths and weaknesses) and its external situation (opportunities and threats). A good fit maximizes a firm’s strengths and opportunities and minimizes its weaknesses and threats. Accurately applied, this simple assumption has powerful implications for the design of a successful strategy.” n this article, the writer notes that a SWOT analysis helps organizations to identify and analyze their weaknesses and threats so as to overcome them by effectively harnessing their opportunities and strengths. The writer explains that "SWOT" is an acronym for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. In this paper, the writer conducts a SWOT analysis of Best Buy Inc., one of the leading marketers of consumer electronics in the United States. The writer begins by presenting a short executive summary of the company. This is followed by the SWOT analysis, a discussion of the current issue facing the company as it relates to maintaining a profitable position in the industry and the recommendations and conclusion. * Strength

S1: It is an undeniable that Best Buy is considering as an expert in consumer electronics market. As we can see some following reliable evidences:
+In 2007, it is a largest retailer of consumer electronics in the United States. BB

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