Best American President

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  • Published : March 4, 2007
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American President Franklin D. Roosevelt once stated," There is nothing to fear but fear itself." Roosevelt is commonly remembered for instilling hope and faith in American when needed most. Roosevelt possessed several qualities as President, which led him to become America's best-known and most beloved president. Roosevelt demonstrated his ability to protect the nation while concentrating on the most important issues. Because of his sincere dedication to the people of this nation, former President Franklin D. Roosevelt is, undoubtedly, the best American president. Roosevelt was the voice of the American people by striding to help to create new opportunities. When Roosevelt became President of the United States, he nation was in the depths of the worse depression ever experienced. With the decreasing of business activity, falling prices, and unemployment, Roosevelt inspired the American people with his own confidence and faith in the future of America. Roosevelt successfully provided food, clothing, and shelter for millions of unemployed and poverty-stricken Americans. Roosevelt's equal man, equal opportunity mentality led him to be known as one of the best American presidents. Roosevelt once stated that if you treat people right, they will treat you right – ninety percent of the time. Franklin Roosevelt worked towards every American having a fair chance to embrace the often sought after "American Dream." Feeling that the future peace of the world depended upon foreign relations, Roosevelt devoted much time and thought to the planning of the United Nations, appointing more African Americans to government posts that any other American president prior to office. Roosevelt's dedication to bettering America as a nation contributed to America's positive view of him as a president. Protecting America, both physically and economically, became Roosevelt's goal during presidency. Roosevelt transformed the federal government into an active instrument of...
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