Best Actor and Actress

Topics: Actor, Film, Comedy Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Alioune Diane
Mr. Panepinto
8 March 2013
Favorite Actor/Actress
My favorite actor is will smith because he is such a good actor; he can change his acting styles in whatever character he plays. He won over 40 academy awards to prove it. You will probably never get bored with his movies; a lot of them are good. The guy is also so humble with his fans. There are so many things that make him my favorite actor, but I can's list them all, basically will smith the actor is my favorite. You could easily distinguish whatever characters he plays. For example, in the movie “Hancock”, I could be saying, "Oh Hancock is that bad ass guy who doesn't care what others think”. In “I Am Legend” he plays guy is the survivor guy, who even though he doesn't want to do some things, he still sacrifices things and keeps going strong. When he starred in the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”, the role he played was perfectly done. It was so well performed and felt genuine, which is why I enjoy watching his films. My favorite actress is Mila Kunis. I would have to say this because of her astounding beauty, her great personality, and her sense of humor. She won six Golden Globes and played in two of my favorite TV shows, “That’s 70’s Show” and of course “Family Guy”. In all the movies she has been featured in I believe that everyone was an instant blockbuster, which is why she is my favorite actress. Her performance in “Black Swan” honestly was a bit odd, but she sold the part perfectly. Her role was very difficult and complicated, but made it look easy while also looking sexy while doing it. She is also known for the comedy “Ted”. In my eyes, this movie was one of the best comedies of the movie so far. I don’t really have a list of favorite actresses because usually like the one that looks the best, but if I did have one she would definitely be on it. In brief, my favorite actor is Will Smith and my favorite actress is Mila Kunis. Will Smith is funny, humble, and...
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