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Topics: Dieting, Want, Mind Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: March 30, 2011
In my 22 years of life, there are two things that myself so proud of with. This two thing was my turning point in life. Maybe this two thing is a simple matter for some people, but for me without achieved this two achievement i will not become a better person like now. Without this two thing maybe i would not even trying or think to sent this application to UNIQLO. First achievement is reduce my weight from 156 kg to 78 kg in one year without using any medicine support. Maybe for some people this is an ordinary achievement but for me this achievement is one of the best achievement i can proud of. To achieved this i need to make a big change in my life style. Before i start to lose weight i was a very lazy person, i addicted with online games, my cgpa only 2.2 , and i become very introvert person because i was so embarassed with my appearance. The reason why im trying to make this change because one day after im finish playing my games im suddenly thinking that i cannot stay like this forever because i cannot imagine what i will become in the future if i did not make any change in my life. My parent said that im sick and there is no company want to acccept me since i got high health risk. Basically i can conclude all of my reason in one word which is “Future”. In order to gain this first thing i do is set up my mind with the advantage and disadvantage if i success to achieved this goal, i do this in order to get a strong foundation so that i did not change my mind in the middle of the process or when i found big obstacle. After set up a good foundation, im doing some research to decide which method i can use and combine it to get the better result. After research i decide to use fruitarian method and calories calculator to manage the food intake and for the exercise i just do 45 minutes walking combine with jogging non stop (cardio concept). For the first 3 month the weight loss is very low and sumtimes i even think to give up, but since my foundation is good...
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