Bessie Coleman Amelia Earhart Essay

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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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Kayla Myers 11-23-10 Reading 6b

Amelia Earhart Bessie Coleman Compare/Contrast Essay

Two of the world’s most famous women pilots are Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart. Both of them really loved flying but Amelia Earhart had money to fly around the world while Bessie Coleman had to work hard at getting lessons and a plane. Although they both got their pilot license and both were women how they got them is a totally different situation. Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman share many similarities. They were both first to fly a plane, (Bessie the first African American). They had pilot licenses. They both had male mechanics that helped with their planes. They were both determined. The two of them crashed their planes but continued to fly soon after. Amelia Earhart continued her flight even though she crashed in Hawaii. Bessie Coleman had 3 broken ribs and a broken leg.

There are many differences for Amelia and Bessie Coleman like were they got their pilot license from. Bessie got hers in France by Federation Aeronautique Internationale and Amelia got hers from the Wright Brothers. Also no one knows how Amelia Earhart died. Bessie Coleman died by the plane flipping over and she fell out. There are many theories how Amelia Earhart died like she got captured by Japanese soldiers, that they were executed and many more like Amelia was the Tokyo Rose while Fred got shot. Also Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Pacific Ocean in 1935. Bessie Coleman was a Barnstormer. Barnstormer- a person that travels around the country performing in air shows. Flying was Amelia Earhart’s and Bessie Coleman’s passion. They both reached for the same dream but experienced it differently. They never gave up and were risk takers. Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart...
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