Bernoulli Principle

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  • Published : April 29, 2008
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The Bernoulli principle states that a rise in pressure in a flowing fluid must always be accompanied by a decrease in the speed, and conversely, an increase in the speed of the fluid results in a decrease in the pressure (Bernoulli's Principle). This equation is derived from the principle of conservation of energy in that the total mechanical energy of an object remains constant as the object moves, provided that the net work done by external, non-conservative forces (e.g. friction) is zero. The usual form of the Bernoulli equation is

= velocity at point p
= pressure
= density
= acceleration of gravity
= height above an arbitrary reference level

Because there are many basic assumptions involved in the derivation of Bernoulli’s equation, it is important to remember the following: -It assumes viscous (friction) effects are negligible;
-It assumes the flow is steady;
-The equation applies along a streamline;
-It assumes the fluid to be incompressible; and
-It assumes no energy is added to or removed from the fluid along the streamline. (Finnemore and Joseph)

The Bernoulli principle, also known as the Bernoulli equation is an important principle of fluid dynamics which is applied to everyday things. Examples of Bernoulli’s principle can be found in the airplane, which stays aloft due to pressure differences on the surface of the wing. It is found in household plumbing and even explains the reason the shower curtain billows inward while taking a shower (Bernoulli Principle: Definition and Much More from

The influence pressure and fluid flow has had on us is enormous. One example shows how household plumbing makes use of Bernoulli’s equation. The U-shaped region under our sinks is known as the “trap” because water collects there, and serves as a blockage against sewer gas escaping into the house. When water from a machine flows through the sewer pipe, the fast velocity causes the pressure at that point to drop. The...
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