Bernini: a Reaction Paper

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  • Published : March 11, 2012
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When one thinks about Italian Baroque, the name Gian Lorenzo Bernini pops in one’s mind. This is because, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, or Bernini for short, was a famous figure in the Baroque Era. I can say that he has revolutionized the Baroque Era in Italy since most of his works became famous and became the basis for other Baroque artworks and structures.

Bernini was a man of expression, so his ideas were expressed through his arts and crafts. I could say that he was also a man of adventure, venturing to other fields in art--- sculpting, architecting, painting, and even playwriting. While reading a certain paragraph from the article, I’ve come to realize that Bernini was also vain man--- not by outer appearances per se---- but with his fame. It seems that he supplied information of himself to the authors who were going to write a biography about him. It is said that he also lied about his age when he sculpted a bust. He claimed to have sculpted that bust when he was only 8 years old but he was probably in his mid-teens when he finished it. Clearly, he wanted to gussy up his image for the people. Apart from him being vain, Bernini was also a passionate man. He spent most of his time creating and finishing his works. Even while on his friendly chats with his assistants, he still kept working. I’ve come to realize that Bernini was also a man of innovations. When he wanted to add some color to his sculptures, although limited with supplies, he would think of another idea on how to add color. An example of this is when he sculpted the irises of his bust deeper so as to show the darkness of the iris.

Before reading that part of the article, I already concluded that Bernini’s works were already exhibited so I was a bit shocked when I read that they’ve only recently begun having an exhibition of Bernini’s works. But after reading, I can agree to what the writer said that it is quite impossible to move the Piazza San Pietro to the location of the...
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