Bernhard Goetz

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Bernhard Goetz is a Subway Vigilante. On December 22, 1984, Bernhard Goetz left is apartment in Manhattan and went to the IRT subway station on 14th street and 7th avenue. At the subway station , he took the #2 downtown express and sat next to 4 young black men. Two of the young men, Troy Canty and Barry Allen walked up to Goetz and asked him for $5.00. James Ramseur, the third youth, gestured toward a bulge in his pocket that looks suspiciously like a gun. He later stated that Canty’s eyes were shining and had a big smile on his face like he was enjoying himself. Bernhard reached into his pocket and pulled out a chrome plated Smith and Wesson .38 shooting each of the youths. Darrel Cabey, the fourth youth, was screaming on the ground. He shot Cabey a fifth time in the spine. The conductor asked Goetz for his gun. He declined and jumped onto the tracks disappearing into the dark tunnel. A week after the shooting, Bernhard turned himself in to the police in New Hampshire. Bernhard Goetz should NOT have been charged of assault and attempted murder because of his background history, he turned himself in and he had a reason to do it.

Bernhard Goetz should NOT have been charged of assault and attempted murder because he turned himself in. In the text it states that On New Year’s Eve, a week after the shooting, Goetz turned himself in to the police in New Hampshire”. Goetz knew that he was innocent, so he turned himself in. Most people that have killed someone, are on the run like Brian Lynch, Craig Hendley and John Anslow. Bernhard Goetz had the decency to turn himself in. Even though he turned himself in, he also was being threatened.

Bernhard Goetz should NOT be charged of assault and attempted murder because he was being threatened. In January 1981, he was attacked by four teenagers at the subway station. The article stated that “A third youth, James Ramseur, gestured towards a suspicious looking bulge in his pocket, as if he had a gun there”. They were...
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