Bermuda Triangle Research Paper

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  • Published : June 5, 2013
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Serena Maimone
Honors English I, Period 5
Mr. Freeman
9 March 2013
The Devil's Triangle – Through Truth and Theorem
Lying behind a shroud of mystery deep in its misty waters lies a secret yet to be discovered, a secret harboring lost planes and artifacts from history's darkest disappearances. This unexplored “Devil's Sea” is more commonly known to many as the illusive Bermuda Triangle. This very interesting area has gone unexplored for centuries, even with the mysterious absences of air and sea vessels attributed to this very spot. Although unexplored, it is not left well alone in the minds of many, rather, it has been observed through technology such as satellites and radar; as well as mechanical ships controlled from land. It has also peaked the interest of those more interested in giving the Triangle a more, “dark” personality. These many observers have attributed the events and tragic catastrophes of the Bermuda to the occult, any other-worldly object, person, or thing that could in theory cause these strange occurrences. More over, the government and scientists more than often attribute the mystery of this unknown terrain to be, not a mystery, but a natural geographic phenomenon. A disaster due to possible magnetic disturbance, or natural weather happenings, etc. Believe what theorists will about the Bermuda Triangle, but to really understand any logic behind the science of the Bermuda, we must go back to the very first act of this mysterious region, to the beginning of a legend's birth.

The region described as the Bermuda Triangle was set in the location of an invisible 'triangle';which is connected at Miami, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the Bermuda. Its official title as the 'Bermuda' Triangle was decided because it had been at first thought that the disappearances that occurred were restricted to the area of that around just the Bermuda. The Bermuda Triangle received its name as the result of the disappearance of six Navy planes and their crew on December 5, 1945 (Berlitz 21). This flight is commonly known to the public as Flight 19. This specific group of planes left Fort Lauderdale that morning with no difficulties, that is, until they flew over what is now the Bermuda Triangle. They reported being lost and disoriented, and could not determine exactly where they were. The flight leader, Lieutenant Charles Taylor even stated when asked to assume bearing west, "We don't know which way is west. Everything is wrong...Strange...We can't be sure of any direction-even the ocean doesn't look as it should...". It had eventually become to difficult to hear messages from Flight 19 due to static. Shortly after receiving their last message from Flight 19, the search units received a message stating that six planes (the five Navy planes and the rescue plane) were missing (Berlitz 24). This caused many to give an official name to said region, as though society was putting up a wall as some sort of recognition and respect to the Bermuda Triangle's strange,yet very real,danger. This very disappearance also sparked curiosity about the Triangle in the minds of both scientists and theorists. These theorists and common people began to create their own explanations for these strange disappearances. Explanations that ranged from worm holes to aliens, depending on the person. More than often did these theories possess to a relation with the occult, often referring to alien intelligence or paranormal phenomena. The truth behind these 'theories' ranges from believable to unbelievable just as easy as one may guess. What may help to understand these strange and various ideas, would be to begin with one of the most popular; human error.

Otherwise known as pilot disorientation, it is less of a theory and more of a common idea. Based upon thinking that the pilots in the Bermuda Triangle would often get lost due to turbulent weather patterns, popular tourist traffic, swift currents and an indeterminable landscape. Theorists...
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