Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle

I have been hearing a lot of tales about the great Bermuda Triangle there have been several mystery’s and unsolved clues of missing plans, boat’s, and people that passes through the triangle. In my thoughts I think well maybe there was at the time a bad hurricane that form sudden because we all know in that the area region is tropical, or maybe even in inside of that triangle huge gust of wind form up from all directions. A lot of questioning went running through my mind as while trying to figure out what could have happen. People now a days called the Bermuda Triangle the Devils Triangle. The Bermuda triangle is located in the area Western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. The three destination point that creates the triangle are the states Florida the US owned Puerto-rico and Bermuda island. Bermuda makes up the eastern and northern most point of the so-called Bermuda Triangle. According to US Navy and the US board on Geographic Name Bermuda Triangle does not exist nor recognized. A paranormal researcher named Vincent Gaddis is credited with coming the term Bermuda Triangle. It first appeared in print in a 1964 article for argosy magazine.

Investigators tried for many years tried to explain the untold secrets of this place they balm Giant sea monsters, magnetic source, Gas eruption from the oceans floor, and also UFOs abduction. According to a documentary I watch on the Bermuda Triangle on YouTube, Explain a incident about a abandon yacht founded by the royal Navy “Frigeret” by HMS London in July 1997. This abandoned yacht was drift 600 miles from land. There where no sails up and there were lines hanging from the sides. The caption of the ship decided to take a closer look hopefully to figure out more clues to why it is abandoned. There were no signs of people on ship. Inside the yacht time had stood still on all clocks. There was a notebook reveling that the owners of the yacht were two German couples. Dated year in...
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