Bermuda Triangle

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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The Bermuda Triangle
Advanced Communication in English
November 2012

Advanced Communication in English
November 2012

The Speech
Aida Mariana Martinez

The Bermuda Triangle
Specific Purpose

After my speech, more than 50% of my audience will know the basics about the Bermuda Triangle, the origins, what happens, and the discoveries; and will have woken some interest in it. Thesis Statement

It’s important for people to know the mysteries that are in the world, including one of the most hidden, like the Bermuda Triangle with it’s theories of origin, what happens there, and the discoveries that have been made about it. Outline

Main Point I – History and theories about the origins of the Bermuda Triangle.

A. What is the Bermuda Triangle?

a. The location of the Bermuda Triangle, and the origin of its name. b. History about the Bermuda Triangle, first disappearance and what is told about it.

B. Christopher Columbus crossing the Bermuda Triangle.

c. What was supposed to happen at the journey of Christopher Columbus. d. The testimony of Christopher Columbus presented by Chaplin.

Main Point II – What happens in the Bermuda Triangle?

A. Amount of disappearances since Christopher Columbus.

a. Symptoms that occur to airplanes and ships when entering the Bermuda Triangle. b. The amount of disappearances that have been recorded in the Bermuda Triangle.

B. Theories about what happens in the Bermuda Triangle.

c. The Devil’s Triangle theory.
d. Different theories and explanations of why the Bermuda Triangle causes disappearances.

Main Point III – Discoveries about the Bermuda Triangle.

A. The city at the seabed.

a. The explanation of the theory of Atlantis, basically in what it consists. b. The possible discovery of Atlantis in the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle.

B. The crystal pyramids provoking...
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