Berlesques vs Coyote Ugly

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Does it ever feel like it’s so very hard to get what you want? Coyote Ugly and Burlesques are two very similar movies. Both of these movies show how hard people have to work to get what they want. It is smart to always push yourself and prove to yourself that you can do what your dreams are made of. When we are little and had dreams of what we wanted to come true when we get older, and as we get older our dreams may have changed, but the dreams that may have changed are the dreams we fight the hardest to make come true. We need to never give up on trying to make our dreams come true.

In the movie Coyote Ugly a girl named Violet was from a small town in New Jersey. Violet wanted to sing her own songs but was afraid to, but she moved to New York City to pursue her dreams, of being a song writer and having someone else sing her songs. Burlesque is about a girl named Ali who wanted to perform on stage, but couldn’t in the small town Iowa where she was from. Ali moved to the big city of Los Angeles to make her dreams come true. When both Ali and Violet were trying to pursue their dreams, Ali and Violet ran into problems getting the important people to recognize them. Getting big record companies or owners of places to listen to the girls was frustrating them, but they kept on trying and never gave up. Ali and Violet have to prove themselves that they are good enough, to show these people that they are talented and can do what they want to do. Ali and Violet were having trouble proving themselves there were things that made it more difficult and challenging for them as well. The girls Violet and Ali’s apartments were broken into with all their belongings scattered all over the place and all their money they had saved up and hidden in their apartment was stolen from them. Along the way of their journey, they befriended some people and they eventually found someone to help them get through some of their hard times and get them back on their feet....
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