Berjaya Vacation Club Berhad Quality Management System

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Quality Management System of Berjaya Vacation Club Berhad
Quality management is to ensure that an organization or product is consistent. Besides that, quality management not only focused on service quality or product but it also means to achieve it. Quality management which can consider having four main components which is quality planning, quality control, quality assurance as well as quality improvement. BCrop’s System of Internal Control

Berjaya is using BCrop’s system of internal control as quality management. The BCrop’s operations divide Berjaya vacation club into Leisure Division. The principal of BCrop’s system of internal control is role played by the Executive Directors as channel of communication between the Board and Management. Executive directors are assigned to manage the businesses of Group and implement the Board’s expectations of the system of internal control. The respective management Executive Directors will attend various management and operational meetings as well as review financial and operational reports in order to monitor the performance and profitability of businesses. Furthermore, the Executive Director and Management also practiced in “open-door” and “close-to-operations” policy. The Board assigned the Audit Committee with the duty of reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of the Group’s internal control. They will receive assurance reports from both internal and external auditors. The Internal Audit function is to provide the Audit Committee with reports from visits conducted at various operating units. Moreover, the External Auditors provide assurance in the form of their annual statutory audit of the financial statements and any case for improvement identified during the itinerary of the statutory audit by the external auditors are brought to the attention of the Audit committee through management letters and articulated at Audit Committee meetings.

Below are Key Features of the Internal Control System from BCorp’s....
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