Bergala Resorts Assesment of Tourism with Sustainable Managment of Environmental Resources

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  • Published : August 9, 2011
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“An Earth Lung Destination”
A Private Land in the Dadayampola
Village, Thiruwanakanda, Beragala

An Assessment of Tourism with Sustainable Management of Environmental Resources – -Sustainable development through regeneration and re-planting programmes -engaging and sustaining communities
-involving the local community in developing income generation programmes -Local environmental, economic, and quality of life benefits -Protecting species and their habitats
-eco conscious trail building
-planting medicinal plants/herbs
Future Environmental Programmes
-bio fuels
-hydro power
-carbon conservation


Alpha & Omega Developers Pvt Limited
102/3 Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07

March 2007


Dr. Gamini Hitinayake, Team Leader / Forestry Specialist, (Senior Lecturer/ University of Peradeniya), Mr. K.B. Ranawana, Flora and Fauna Specialist (Senior Lecturer / University of Peradeniya), Mr. M. I. D. H. Wijewickrama, Geologist (National Building Research Organization), Mr. Pradeep Samarawickrama (Fauna Specialist), Mr. Alahakoon (Flora Specialist), Mr. Amila Ranasinghe (Flora Specialist), Mr. P. R. S. D. Bandaranayake (Flora Specialist).

Study Team
Name / Expertise
Dr. Gamini Hitinayake, Team Leader / Forestry Specialist, (Senior Lecturer / University of Peradeniya) see for more details. . He is a well-known and a leading Forestry Specialist in Sri Lanka. Mr. K.B. Ranawana, Fauna Specialist (Senior Lecturer / University of Peradeniya). see for more details. He is a well-known and leading Fauna Specialist in Sri Lanka.

Mr. M.I.D.H. Wijewickrama, Geologist (National Building Research Organization-NBRO) He is working as a senior geologist attached to NBRO. He is well-known and leading Geologist in Sri Lanka. Mr. V.A.M.P.K Samarawickrama (Fauna Specialist)

Experience as a Fauna Specialist:
Bio-diversity survey ,Phase two -Upper kotmale Hydropower Project , conducted by IUCN-Sri Lanka. •Bio-diversity assesment-2004, Rakawa,Ussangoda and Kalamatiya Sanctuaries,conducted by IUCN-Sri Lanka. •Fauna survey (Horton Plain National Park, Knuckles FR, Bundala National park). Mr. A.M.D.B. Alahakoon (Flora Specialist)

Experience as a Flora Specialist:
Flora team, Seasonal variation and availability of food preferences by herbivore in Udawalawa National Park, Conducted by University of Peradeniya. Mr. Amila Ranasinghe (Flora Specialist)
Experience as a Flora Specialist:
Flora team - Bio-diversity survey,Phase two -Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project, conducted by IUCN-Sri Lanka Mr. P.R.S.D. Bandaranayake (Flora Specialist) Presently working as a Technical Officer assigned for identification of flora and assisting forestry research Experience as a Flora Specialist:

Worked 06 years at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya as a Gardener.

1. Introduction
1.1 Eco-tourism
Tourism based on the natural ecological features of the area as opposed to manufactured attractions or features like old forts and structures is referred to as ecotourism. This nature tourism promotes conservation and supports sustainable development. Environmentally responsible travel and visitation to relatively undisturbed natural areas, in order to enjoy, study and appreciate nature and any accompanying cultural features that promote conservation, have a negative visitation impact and provide for substantial beneficial active socioeconomic involvement of local populations.

Under the right circumstances, ecotourism has proven to be one of the most effective means to finance biodiversity conservation. In most rich biodiversity areas, actual revenue flows for ecotourism are better than non-timber forest products and biopharmacy, and comparable only to agroforestry. Because the dominating land use in protected areas and buffer zones is agriculture and forestry, ecotourism is an opportunity for the creation of additional income to...
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