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Stan & Jan Berenstain
Name of author/illustrator: Stan & Jan Berenstain

Picture/photo of author/illustrator:

Rationale for selecting the author/illustrator: I have always liked reading the stories about the Berenstain Bears. They teach good life lessons that children can easily understand and relate to.

Personal reflections on author’s/illustrator’s life and work: The Berenstains bibliography is outstanding … over 300 titles under the Berenstain Bears themselves and another 26 books dealing with parenting and other life issues, not to mention their autobiography “Down A Sunny Dirt Road” in 2002. I like the fact that the majority of the Berenstain Bear books were written for their children about issues they were facing or could face and that Papa and Mama Bear were fashioned after Stan and Jan themselves.

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Biographical information about the author (life, education, work, hobby, family, etc.) Their Life:

Stanley Melvin Berenstain: Born: September 29, 1923 Philadelphia, PA & Died: November 26, 2005 in Doylestown, PA of lymphoma at the age of 82. He was an Illustrator and author.

Janice Marion Grant:Born: July 26, 1923 Philadelphia, PA & Died: February 24, 2012 in Solesbury, PA of a stroke at the age of 88. She was also an Illustrator and author.

They met on their first day of class at the Philadelphia Museum College of Industrial Art in 1941 & married 5 years later, on April 13, 1946.

They had two sons, Leo (born in 1948) & Mike (born in 1951).

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The History:
The Berenstains entered the field of writing for young children in the early 1960's For their first children's book, they chose to use bears as the main characters, mainly because they are appealing and could be drawn easily They deny that their last name had anything to do with them choosing the animal Their first book was actually titled “Freddy Bears Spanking”. It was submitted to Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Suess) who was an editor at Random House – Suess spent 2 years editing the manuscript – challenging the Berenstains to make improvements to the writing and structure of the book Finally published in 1962 under the title “The Big Honey Hunt” with no plans of revisiting the bears as a sequel. Suess advised them to change the animal as there were “there are already too many bears.. Sendak's got some kind of bear. There's Yogi Bear, The Three Bears, Smokey Bear, and the Chicago Bears. For your next book, you should go with something as different from bears as possible." Started on their next project which featured a penguin, when Suess called them stating “we're selling the hell out of the bear book” 2 years later, “The Bike Lesson” was published and decades later over 300 titles have been published

Notable achievements/awards:
1960 - School Bell Award for distinguished service in the interpretation of education in a national magazine - Better Homes and Gardens: “How to Undermine Junior’s Teacher” 1962 - Stan receives the Golden Anniversary Alumni Award of Merit from West Philadelphia High School 1968 - British Book Centre Honor Book - Inside Outside Upside Down 1970 - American Institute of Graphic Arts Best Book— The Bear Scouts 1972 - Philadelphia Library Children’s Reading Round Table Honor Book—Bears in the Night 1972 - University of Chicago Center for Children's Books - Best Books: Bears in the Night 1973 - Philadelphia Library Children's Reading Round Table Honor Book—The Bears’ Almanac 1974 - Philadelphia Library Children's Reading Round Table Honor Book—He Bear, She Bear 1974 - University of Chicago Center for Children's Books - Best Books: The Berenstain Bears He Bear, She Bear 1976 - Philadelphia Library Children's Reading Round Table Honor Book—The...
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