Bere Robinson Field Study Project

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Bere Robinson Field Study Project

Beren Robinson Field Study Paper

Johnathan Sutton

BIO / 315

07 April 7, 2013
Thomas Oberding

Beren Robinson Field Study Paper

The field study by Beren Robinson is a brilliant study of three-spine sticklebacks, which is directly relate to the ecology evolution. The original findings of many researchers disagree with Robinson’s field study which is what struck me as odd. Robinson’s hypothesis stated that the three-spine sticklebacks have various types of natural selection that were able to support the discrepancy in the population. The variables in the study are a diet and environmental conditions. Ecologists use evidence and direct observation to enumerate results by using factual information from other studies and experiments preformed. “Robinson’s field study directly relates to evolution and natural selection this will be directly placed on about ecology. Robinson’s field study is said to alter variables of life span, growth rate, and body size to understand the evolution of the three-spine stickleback species” (Evolution, 2013).

“Ecologists use evidence and observation to enumerate results by using information from other studies and experiments. Robinson uses other studies and observations from the lakes of British Columbia before he gathers his hypothesis” (Evolution, 2013). The studies before Robinson’s study suggested the species of fish evolved from open-waters and as well as shallow waters of the environment and ecosystems that they came from. Robinson proves the previous studies being wrong by showing that natural selection happens in the population of the three-spine sticklebacks and shows the early stages of speciation. “Ecologists use experiments in laboratories to receive precise information. Robinson performs a hypothesis and generates specific tests before revealing his results. The tests are important to...
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