Berde Review

Topics: Homosexuality, Physician, Mother Pages: 4 (1176 words) Published: February 28, 2013
"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands"  -Berde


The story evolved in the life of Edwin, a young homosexual who's been engaged in a romantic relationship with another guy named Butch. The story narrates on the immeasurable love of a mother who has been all through out Edwin's life very supportive. On the contrary, the play also presents the undying hate and frustration of a father towards his homosexual son. The story heightened when Edwin's father - a dispatched military went home and incidentally  caught Bruce and Edwin on the latter's bedroom kissing each other. A smash cut showing a confrontation of a father to his son and to his wife. The father has been putting blame on his wife for how his son has acted at present. In return, his wife blame him of being away from home but appealed to accept his son and love him. This led them to consult a "Psychiatrist" to seek for treatment of their son.  Long after, Edwin's father died of heart attack after a confrontation with him. Edwin seems to be pathetic of his father's death and only thinking  of his own happiness. He has been on a constant battle of his love to Butch, thinking on how is he going to be with him. It came to the point when Edwin gave up his mum just to be with Butch leading to a nervous breakdown of his mother.   The story ended on a re-union of Edwin's mother and his one romantic true love - Butch.

This stage play was directed by Mr. Loyd Wilson Sato, a prominent writer and stage director in Cebu. The story was written in Filipino.

My Views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the story, its producers or its Acts. 

In our constant battle for rights, love and acceptance, it is indeed good to see productions like this which helps convey the message to everyone that homosexual does exist and with this existence comes a longing for everyone's acceptance and respect. As Focus Production (Berde...
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