Beowulf Themes

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The desire of power is the mother of the worst things in the world. Lost honor is the hardest thing for a man to lose, also is the best thing for some people to win. People live just once, so a lot of them want to die with honor. A death like this comes just for a person who lives with a clear conscience, and there is no way for other forms of death, only in clear conscience. In another way the desire to protect people who you love urges to do thoughtless things. May the desire to save your people sometimes is so meaningless in the easy of people. Women always have been the factor about all things in the world, such as bad or best things. In this topic I will give my opinion about things that pushes Beowulf to say that famous quote ‘’ you know why you can't kill me, my friend? 'Cause I died many, many years ago when I was young ‘’. Desire of power, lost honor, desire to win the honor, a death with conscience, power of women, the love for your people and other things will be the main part of this essay. All these mentioned things are included in main themes of Beowulf such as, Loyalty, envy and reputation. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln (© 2012 Goodreads Inc.), so Beowulf didn’t pass this test. The power made him so unpredictable in his decisions, such as a man like him, the best fighter, falls victim of his desire for power. Maybe in this case his character is not to be desired but there are a lot of things that maybe pushed him to deliver himself faced in his wishes. Lost honor and desire to win the honor there are two different points of view. Before Beowulf came to kill the monster he said ‘’ I am not here for gold, I am for glory ‘’, so glory is very connected with honor. Beowulf’s work for honor is in the highest level what a fighter would like to be. Until to deliver himself to a women or saying better your main enemy is the best way to lose your honor after you wins it with...
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