Beowulf Theme

Topics: Utopia, Dystopia Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Utopia is a society believed to be fit for everyone. Thomas More presents the theme of the story to be the ideal society versus the corrupt society. Utopia is More’s elucidation to the hitches in commonplace physical world life. There are numerous references to England throughout the text that deal with the corruption occurring in England. The problems real societies face such as war, marriages, education, religion and jobs were among those heavily discussed in the story that More felt was necessary to elaborate on. England is seen as a corrupt society. This is given example through the dinner that Hythloday attended in England. A lawyer was discussing the thieves that are given capital punishment if caught and was astonished by how much crime was still around. Hythloday was surprised that the lawyer was astonished because he felt that the punishment for a thief was cruel and had no benefit to the good of the people whatsoever. He claims that theft does not deserve death and it will not hinder a man from stealing in order to provide for himself and his family. Hythloday goes about to explain how a solution can be brought about to prevent stealing; providing economic, social and political monopolies that produced a never ending flow of theft. Hythloday ends his argument by saying that God commanded in his teachings that man shall not kill and brought about a series of other helpful suggestions to the problem at hand. In Utopia there is no such thing as people not wanting to work because it brings Utopians great joy to be able to take part in something that they have dedicated themselves to mastering. With the entire community working there is always abundance, so much so that the work day is limited to six hours. Utopians aim for efficiency and because of the unity they exude, they accomplish more in a day than other nations. This can be exalted through the story of how the island was formed with the leadership of Utopos. The people of Utopia are all engaged in...
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