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  • Published : December 15, 2011
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I'm doing my three page research paper over Beowulf, the story of a warrior from ancient times when monsters, goblins, and demons still plagued the Earth that we live on still today. Beowulf was a tall tale told for many, years to children before they fell asleep at night. It's a story that has been around from 720-796 a.d. And hasn't gotten old yet, because it inspires people and tells people what real hero’ s are capable of and what they're made of and the limits they can surpass all on their own will and strength. Beowulf isn't just a play, a movie, or a video's also a poem that is considered to be the longest and most amazing poems in existence in Old English. It has been taken care of in the Cotton Vitellius A XV manuscript, in the British Museum, which was written around 1000 years ago scientists do believe. Scientists have not found a literary source for the amazing story of Beowulf. Many of the characters in Beowulf belong to the Germanic tradition of storytelling that has been shared throughout the years. The story of Beowulf, however, goes something along the lines of this..... Beowulf begins with a history of the great Danish King Scyld. King Hrothgar, Scyld’s great-grandson, is well loved by his people and successful in war. He builds a lavish hall, called Heorot, to house his vast army, and when the hall is finished, the Danish warriors gather under its roof to celebrate. Now Grendel is a monster who lives at the bottom of a nearby swamp, and is provoked by the singing and celebrating of Hrothgar's friends, family, and followers. He appears at the hall late one night and kills many of the warriors in their sleep. For the next twelve years, the fear of Grendel's fury and anger casts a shadow over the lives of the Hrothgar and his followers. Hrothgar and his followers cannot think of anything to calm the Grendel's anger. Prince of the Geats, Beowulf, hears about Hrothgar's trouble with the monster Grendel, puts together a band of warriors of...
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