Beowulf Primary/Secondary Values

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  • Published : November 12, 2010
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Primary Values:
*“Heroism is most valuable treasure”
Pg. 58
Lines 850-855

*“Evil never triumphs (Regardless of how the outcome may seem during the battle)” Pg. 47 Lines 405-410
Lines 320-360

Secondary Values:
*“The part is not important as the whole” *“Heroism is a significant part of everyone’s society” Pg. 46Pg.43
Lines 300-305 Lines 173-177

* “Mothers will defend their children regardless of their actions” *“Men feel that it is their responsibility to rescue & save” Pg. 49 Pg.45 Lines 518- 520 Lines 255-269

* “Ravenous beast” *“Crazy villain”
Pg. 40 Pg.40
Lines 65-74 Lines50-55

* “Decent into darkness”*“Knight-Hero”
Lines 424-433Lines 640-647

“Had won from the dragon, rings, necklaces,
Ancient, hammered armor all
The treasures they’d taken were left there, too,
Silver and jewels buried in the sandy
Ground, back in the earth, again
And forever hidden and useless to men.”

“Ended the grief, the sorrow, the suffering
Forced on Hrothgar’s helpless people
By a bloodthirsty fiend. No Dane doubted’
The victory, for the proof hanging high
From the rafters where Beowulf had hung it, was the monster’s Arm, claw and shoulder and all.”

“Snapping life shut. Then he stepped to another
Still body, clutched at Beowulf with his claws,
Grasped at a strong-hearted wakeful sleeper
And was instantly seized himself, claws
Bent back as Beowulf leaned up on one arm.”

“The monster’s flight, fastened those claws
In his fists till they cracked, clutched Grendel
Closer. The infamous killer fought
For his freedom, wanting no flesh but retreat,
Desiring nothing but escape; his claws
Had been caught, he was trapped. That...
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