Beowulf Legacy

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  • Published : November 19, 2011
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Upon you are items of great value to thy self. Thou shall treasure these items as they have helped thy create a legacy. These are items that helped me become known as a hero by all. Upon you is both Grendel's arm and head whom I defeated bare-handed. My fellow Hrothgar was in need as this monster destroyed the great hall of Herot. I lay awake, waiting for this gruesome monster to enter the hall. Grendel could not stand a chance as I had ripped his arm out of his socket. To show proof of my victory, Grendel's arm hung above on the wall of Herot. In honor of the great Beowulf, thy name was recognized as a hero by all in a song, shared by other ancient heroes. I hope thou keep it in a safe place, as it is indeed a treasure to me. Alone, I fought against the monster Grendel's mother, in which my magic sword lead me to success. I was so courageous in that battle, leading me to rip apart Grendel's head. Shall no monster ever be able to defeat thy Beowulf as I proved to be the greatest. My warriors and I returned home as a hero I was not before. All have heard about my great battles. With the death of Higlac, I took the crown and became the King of the Geats for fifty years. I, Beowulf, was not only a king but a hero as well. My legacy was made to live on for all to hear. I fought to my death, against the dragon who defeated me as my sword and shield both failed me. Here in this box, lie the great treasures I have collected after my battles. My body may have been defeated, but the great Beowulf may never be forgotten. My Geats built my tomb on the tower. This tomb shall be seen by all passing through the seas and recognize me as a the hero I have become. I ask you to treasure these items, as they are the reasons why I am the Beowulf. All shall remember me, for my great accomplishments and pass my story on for all hear.
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