Beowulf & Indiana Jones

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Beowulf and Indiana Jones have a lot of things in common that they do and how they act. One of the thing they have in common is that they have superhero qualities. Beowulf has superior strength and Indiana Jones also has that characteristic. Beowulf fights this “monster” Grendel and defeats him. Before he fights Grendel he tells his men (soldiers) that he will not use any weapons to defeat this “monster” he will fight him in his bare so they will be equal and he will not have an advantage. He defeats Grendel by using his knowledge and strength to bust his eardrum and cause him to shrink and die. Indiana Jones uses his strength in numerous occasions to get out of situations to capture his artifacts and to escape from the villains that are out to capture the same things that he are out for. He also uses his whip to hang on to things when he's in trouble and needs to escape.

In my opinion the similarities in the story is that they both are doing something that they love to do and they will die for what they love doing. In Indiana Jones the Nazi's represent Grendel, and the guy's who asked Indiana Jones to go capture the Arc represent Hrothgar. Indiana Jones is saving mankind by Capturing the Arc before the Nazi's get a hold to the Arc and try to possess its powers and take over and rule just like in Beowulf when Grendel came to kill whenever he would hear music being played in the hall and when Grendel's mother came and killed many of Beowulf's men at night when they where sleeping.

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