Beowulf and the Tempest-Revenge

Topics: Beowulf, Grendel, Hroðgar Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: November 26, 2012

Many comparisons can be seen between Shakespeare’s novel The Tempest and the epic Beowulf. One of the strongest similarities is the idea of revenge. Shakespeare’s novel occurs basically in order for Prospero to have revenge on his enemies from usurping his dukedom. Beowulf’s original monster, Grendel, starts acting out less due to revenge and more out of pure frustration. His death though, causes his mother to act on revenge, killing one of Hrothgar’s trusted advisor, Aeschere, causing Beowulf to kill her for revenge. The dragon got mad about a stolen article and burned down Beowulf’s home in revenge, and so Beowulf went after him. Although they have different motives, both plots are caused greatly because of revenge. In The Tempest, Prospero’s brother, Antonio, with the help of his friends Sebastian and Alonso, took over Prospero’s dukedom. He was then sent to a deserted island with just his daughter Miranda for twelve years. Throughout his time on the island, Prospero continued to delve into his magic books. Along with he gaining new knowledge, he attained a servant Caliban, and an indebted spirit, Ariel. For twelve long years on the empty land Prospero plotted his revenge, something that was made possible due to his newfound knowledge of magic. Finally the day came when his master plan was able to finally become reality. He made a huge storm come, tearing apart the boat that held Antonio, Sebastian, Alonso, his son Ferdinand, and a few others. Ferdinand got separated from the rest and wound up, not coincidently, finding Miranda and falling in love with her. Alonso became distraught thinking his beloved son was dead. Antonio and Sebastian began to plot the death of Alonso. Finally as the novel came to an end, Prospero sent Ariel as a harpy to frighten his brother and the two other men and tell them all they have done wrong. They then were brought to Prospero. Alonso became very apologetic, while Antonio and...
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