Beowulf and Loyalty

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  • Published : April 28, 2011
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What is loyalty? Never cheating in a relationship? Your dog never running away? Or is it always being a good friend? Maybe loyalty isn’t an action at all. Many people try to decipher the real meaning of loyalty, but it has a unique meaning to each person. There are three different examples of how loyalty is viewed differently; in the story Beowulf, through a teenager’s life, and in the movie The Lion King. Each will display different views of loyalty and point out many similarities as well.

The Epic Beowulf emphasizes loyalty; it was one of the most important qualities a man could possess in Beowulf's time, and the presence of extreme loyalty in a person elevated him from ordinary to heroic. Beowulf’s loyalty saved Hrothgar’s country and his people, he transcends above other men because of his extraordinary loyalty to his king. For example, he rushes to help Hrothgar each time he needs him, conquering Grendel, his mother, and the dragon. Beowulf isn’t doing this for the throne or to become famous he simply wants to help Hrothgar and do what is right. There are many occasions that show Beowulf’s loyalty towards his community. However, it’s not only Beowulf who is loyal: Wiglaf was also very heroic and loyal, almost every character in Beowulf is loyal to someone, in their own way. We can learn from this epic: trust in and remain loyal to your leader and your country.

A second view of loyalty is in a teenager’s life, a teen has many different ways to show loyalty. Loyalty in a relationship is one example of how teens’ show loyalty. They must be faithful and honest to their partner, in order to keep a healthy relationship. A friendship needs loyalty, because friends are there for support, to confide in, and trust, if friends weren’t loyal you wouldn’t trust anyone. They also need to show loyalty to their family, be there through hard times, for support, and be someone who will never turn on them and always love them. Another way teenager’s...
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