Beowulf Anaylisis

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  • Published : January 17, 2006
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The struggle between order and chaos in "Beowulf" is a reoccurring rivalry. On one hand you have order and social conduct with in the walls and power of the Herot and the hero Beowulf. On the other hand the cold dark selfish world filled with evil and rule less conduct. The battle of good and evil, order and chaos has been the fight that everyone fights throughout their days. Different people and symbols stand for each side, and their views differ to which side has the defined justice over the other.

Order is something that can be defined as a condition in which freedom from disorder or disruption is maintained through respect for established authority. In "Beowulf" order is up held by a king and his authority is the supreme judgment next to God. Heroes such as Beowulf had their choice of anything because of the power he held. Though that does not seem like order it is. To have complete order there has to be a small or single person leader. THe walls of Herot show a distinguishing line between the order of a civilized nation to the dark surroundings that are unreformed. Through the story Beowulf slowly but surly leads off the path of righteousness and it in turn cost him his life. This shows that the path of enlightenment is the only path to choose, those who don't will all eventually end with the same fate of death with the rest of those apart of the chaotic alliance.

Chaos can be perceived as a condition or place of great disorder or confusion. The outer world from the different towns in "Beowulf" is proven to be evil ruthless places. John Halverson say "The world out there-cold, dark, and cheerless-is dominated by the image of fens and moors haunted by the two monsters, solitary creatures who cannot participate in the joy of the community and who savagely hate its existence. Grande is a prime example of the chaos of the outer walls of Herot. He destroys everything he can that brings joy to the men of the town. At one point in the story he...
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