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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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The folktale of Beowulf began with a dragon named Grendel. The nightlife stricken was at his last limit with partying in the castle. Many had been killed during the attack while others were left to flee to Herot for the next twelve years. Thus when Beowfulf heard about Grendel he made an embarkment to Hrothgar being very courageous defending the people he had cared most about as my mother does with my family, maybe not risking her life but most certainly making a huge difference in it.             As the evening unfolded and the moon crept on the land Beowulf seized the day  while Grendel escaped to die in his cave. Similarly when my mom had to rescue me when I was in elementary school. She was in the school almost every single day from me going home crying and trying to put an end to it which finally calmed down for a couple weeks. As with the bullying came back Beowulf had Continued on his victory. This time a female monster was next in line to battle. In the end Beowulf was saved by his armory and put a final end to the battle. My mother finally put an end to it taking it to the superintendent. Beowulf then proceeded to behead Grendel and later on showed Hrothgar and the mighty Danes.             A half century later Beowulf tries to defeat yet another dragon but ends up being severely wounded. They built a memorial in honor of Beowulf burying the treasure with the corpse. Therefore for the quote “Hygeia’s kings-menkept thinking about his name and fame: He never lost heart”(1529-1530) fits perfectly.             Through my eyes my mother holds very similar traits to Beowulf by the sense in which we see him. As it states “Nor have I seen, a mightier man-at-arms on this earth than the one standing here; unless I am mistaken, he is truly noble. This is no mere hanger-on in a hero’s armour” (244-251). We see Beowulf as a hero because the point of view that is directed towards him as the “knight in shining armour” type of character. Beowfulf is high and mighty...
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