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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Beowulf Comparison

I believe that the poem is a better definition of a true epic. In the poem, Beowulf does more heroic like things, when he rips Grendels arm off with his bare hands, with only using his pure strength, but in the movie Beowulf wraps a chain around Grendels arm, and uses the door of the Mead Hall to repeatedly smash his arm in the door until he rips the arm off completely. In the poem, Beowulf always tries to make himself better known, he goes back to his kingdom to tell all of the Geats of his accomplishments, and whenever he dies Beowulf asks his warrior to build him a tower with his treasures and his best warrior becomes king. A difference in the poem and the movie is that Beowulf stays and rules the kingdom that he saves, but in the poem, he goes back and tells the Geats of all his heroic deeds to make his name more widely known, he also rules there later for fifty years. Another difference in the poem and the movie is that in the poem, Beowulf slays Grendel’s Mother, but in the movie he doesn’t, in the movie Beowulf gives Grendel’s Mother another child, which later becomes the dragon that I pillaging his kingdom. In the poem, Beowulf falls for hours into Grendel’s Mother’s lake until he hits the bottom, then she immediately starts to attack him, his sword, Grunthing, his sword breaks on her tough skin, he then grabs a huge giants sword off the wall and nearly cuts her entire head off. In the movie she talks to him, they don’t fight, she melts his sword, Grunthing was given to him, and she does not die at all.
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