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  • Published : December 12, 2007
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Have you ever wanted to be a super-hero? Do you even know what it takes to become a great hero? Webster's dictionary defines an epic hero as a larger-than-life figure from a legend or history, that participates in a cynical journey or quest, faces adversaries and tries to defeat them. In Beowulf we find that a hero must possess some key characteristics. Two characteristics need to be an epic hero are pure strength with will power and bravery. Beowulf's actions prove he possesses the pure strength, will-power, and bravery of a hero. Throughout the entire story, Beowulf faces many trials and tribulations. In each battle he faces, Beowulf uses one key characteristic that an epic hero needs to conquer his defeater: pure strength and will power. Beowulf's first test of strength occurs when he fights Grendel. During the fight, Beowulf defeats the monster when Grendel is "twisted in pain, /and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder /Snapped, muscle and bone split and broke"(ll. 105-108). His fierceness and superhuman strength help Beowulf defeat the monster. Another example of his strength is when he fights Grendel's Mother in the deep depths of the lake. Beowulf uses his pure strength to swim to the deep bottom of the lake to reach his next victim. At his weakest point in fighting Grendel's mother, he finds out that "If weapons were useless he'd use /His hands, the strength in his fingers"(ll. 218-219). However, Beowulf finds strength from within and "raised /His arms and seized her by the shoulder; anger /Doubled his strength, and he threw her to the floor"(ll. 221-223). Beowulf then proceeds with his slaying of Grendel's mother by picking up a sword that was "so massive that no ordinary man could lift"(ll. 245). He then "broke the chain on its hilt" and "lifted it high over his head /And struck with all the strength he had left"(ll. 246-250). The final characteristic needed in an epic hero is bravery. Beowulf exemplifies this trait in...
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