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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Though the code of chivalry was defined in the stories of “King Arthur” it can be argued that Beowulf was upholding the code hundreds of years earlier. The Code of Chivalry is the ideal standard behavior that all good knights follow. 3 elements showed by the code of Chivalry are courage, defend those who can’t defend themselves, and loyalty to the king. Beowulf illustrates these elements of the code by fighting several monsters, including Grendal, by sailing to the land of the Danes to fight for Hrothgar, and he returns to his kind Hygelan, with treasures. Following the Code of Chivalry was important to the warriors of Beowulf’s time because it helped unify them behind a just cause.

One of the element of the code of Chivalry illustrated by Beowulf was courage. Beowulf proved to be courageous many times throughout the course of the poem. One example of Beowulfs courage is when he battles Grendel. Grendel is “a demon grim” who has terrorized king Hrothgars kingdom for 12 years. When Beowulf hears of Hrothgars troubles he sails to the land of the Danes to help. Beowulf shows his courage by choosing to fight Grendal with his hands only. Beowulf said “ With hand grip only I’ll grapple with Grendel/ foe against foe I’ll fight to the death” (lines 342-343) This was courageous of Beowulf because he puts his life on the line. As a result of the fight Beowulf tears Grendels arm off, which brought some relief to Hrothgars Kingdom.

Another element of the Code of Chivalry that Beowulf upholds is Defending those who cant defend themselves. Beowulf proves to his audience that he is capable of not only defending himself but also others. Beowulf Defeats Grendel who is coercive toward the people of Hrothgars kingdom. No man was willing to step up and fight Grendel after the 12 year attacks on Heorot in the land of the Danes. Everyone was traumatized after Grendels attacks, and in sorrow and mourning. Beowulf however decides to defend the people and fight Grendel. Beowulf tears...
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