Beowolf Book vs Movie

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Shaun Swersky      
Language Arts

"Beowulf" Book Vs Movie

A long time ago a legendary story called "Beowulf" was told.  It spoke of a man being stronger then any other man and killing horrible monsters for the Danes.  Then in 2007 a 3D movie was released it also told of Beowulf and him fighting monsters for the Danes but the story and the movie was told a bit differently.

First off in the book when Beowulf encounters Grendel's mother he kills her by cutting her head off with a magical sword.  In the story Beowulf has a cousin named Wiglaf we don't get to know about him until later in the story.  Wiglaf also kills the dragon when Beowulf is too weak to fight.  We also don't get to know that much of what Wiglaf looks like.  In the story Beowulf does become king but it's of his homeland called Geet Land and not of the Danes.  In the story The Grendel is a decedent of the Cain’s, which means hell in Old English.   In "Beowulf" the story Beowulf also fights sea monsters with a giant sword when he goes to fight The Grendel's Mother.  Lastly all the characters in "Beowulf" the story are flat characters meaning that they are not so much human and don't change feelings a lot.

In 2007 "Beowulf" the 3D experience was released.  It was told the same way as the story but had a few noticeable differences.  First off Wiglaf is in the entire movie and we know what he looks like.  Somehow Beowulf and Grendel's mom who in the movie looks like Angelina Jolie had a child that was a dragon.  It kind of makes you think how it's possible.  In the movie when Beowulf is crowned king of the Danes and not of the Geats the old king named Horathgar commits suicide for some strange reason possibly because he was drunk.  Horathgar is also The Grendel's father, which is why The Grendel does not touch or kill the king.   Beowulf also tells of him fighting sea monsters but earlier in the movie and he uses no sword.  Also in the movie Beowulf has a wife and a bed mistress....