Benjamin Franklin Autobiography

Topics: Religion, Benjamin Franklin, God Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Nick Silva
History 17A
November 19, 2012

Essay B
“And now I speak of thanking God, I desire with all Humility to acknowledge, that I owe the mention'd Happiness of my past Life to his kind Providence, which led me to the Means I us'd and gave them Success.” (Franklin, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, 28) I chose this quote to open this essay because it’s one of the first things Franklin talks about when he takes over in his autobiography. It shows that he has a relationship with god because he gives god the credit for all of the things he had accomplished. Throughout his biography he mentions religion quite a few times. He opposes organized religion, which according to him consists of: Attending Church, donating to pastors ideas, and having to follow (in his opinion) Arbitrary rules. But he is all for believing in god. He says that for someone to believe in god all you need is to pray honestly, be virtuous and do good works. He often describes the religions out there but he talks about how he doesn’t conform to any certain religion, he talks, and believes in god in his own way, with his own beliefs. Religion was with Benjamin Franklin from the very beginning of his life. His parents were very religious, especially since his father was a minister. He shared the same beliefs as his parents all until he discovered his passion for reading and writing. “My Parents had early given me religious Impressions, and brought me through my Childhood piously in the Dissenting Way. But I was scarce 15 when, after doubting by turns of several Points as I found them disputed in the different Books I read, I began to doubt of Revelation itself.” (Franklin, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, 73) This was the time in his life where he started really making his own decisions. This was a very risky thing for Franklin at the time. For someone of that time period to question the solidarity of their religion has major repercussions. It just goes...
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