Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

Topics: Benjamin Franklin, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, William Temple Franklin Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: June 29, 2011
Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography
From reading the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, who throughout his life Benjamin Franklin was known for being in many different trades, from a publisher, an inventor, a diplomat, to a political philosopher, I have come to learn that his life was about doing what he needed to become successful. Benjamin Franklin has written his autobiography in a unique and unified way, but also in some ways very disjointed making the effectiveness of the theme detracted, which made reading his autobiography even more difficult to understand and follow at times. As Benjamin Franklin wrote his autobiography, it seemed to be written as if he was following the time line of his life but then would at times cast away from that time line and would write about things that he had mentioned previously and then come back to pick up and continue where he left off in the timeline. Benjamin Franklin started his autobiography out by sharing his father’s letter that he had written to Benjamin Franklin. Telling him about some of his father’s ancestors and his life before Benjamin Franklin was born. His father had written about finding accounts of his ancestor’s births, marriages, and deaths from the year 1555 only in the registers at Ecton. Benjamin Franklin had three uncles, Thomas who took after his father in becoming a Smith. He died January 6, 1702. Benjamin Franklin and his father believed if Thomas had died the same day Benjamin Franklin was born "one might have supposed transmigration" in other words, they believed Benjamin Franklin could have been reincarnated. John was another uncle of Benjamin Franklin who was a dyer in woolens. Finally there was Benjamin, who Benjamin Franklin himself was named after, that was a silk dryer. Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography seems unified because reading from the beginning to end. Our reading about Benjamin Franklin’s life starting from when he was born, which was January 6, 1706 on Milk Street in Boston and...
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