Benjamin Button's Life: Growing Younger

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Imagine that you are born old and are 70 years old and are growing younger and younger for every day? This movie is the craziest I have ever seen in my whole life. It is like a fantasy story or the like. Have you ever heard about someone who grows younger? I guess not. Because it is impossible to grow younger and younger. Imagine yourself growing to a baby. It just can’t happen. Maybe in a psychological way? I don’t know. But of course this kind of things can happen in movies and stories and so on. But just not in the real life. That’s what this movie is about. Benjamin button’s life. His life is going backwards. I know it sounds weird but it is true. It doesn’t give sense to me, but that is just how it is. This movie is also a flashback. His girlfriend named Daisy has a child with this Benjamin. This is totally confusing but Benjamin grows younger and younger, while his own daughter Caroline is growing up. And of course, like Benjamin’s decision, he chooses to leave Daisy when she gets pregnant. He can’t raise a kid that way. He had just lost his interest for his wife. It is just totally unrealistic. This movie is so weird that I can’t even explain it but yes Benjamin runs away and is travelling around the world, while Daisy is raising Caroline all by herself.

The whole movie starts in the hospital with Daisy in the deathbed. She is about to die. She has grown old and her time has come. Next to her is her daughter Caroline. She is reading a diary by Benjamin Button. It begins with an old man who is being born. His mom died while giving birth and his father, Robert Button left him at a nursing home. A sweet couple from the home is raising him. This nursing home becomes his real home. And then he meets one girl named Emily. A women he loves the entire movie. But I don’t really know what happen between them. Benjamin actually meets his father several times but only as a friend, and not as his father. But then he meets a lovely girl, which is his...
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