Benjamin Button- Reflection from the Movie to the Book

Topics: Gender role, Time, Role Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Choose one specific difference between the movie and the graphic novel. Explain why the script writer, director may have made this change? Try to connect to character development and the big themes and ideas. In my opinion, the most specific difference that I think the director have made the script different from the graphic novel is the detail that Benjamin was grew up by Queenie- a black women. I think the director have made this difference because of the role of women in the society at that time and reflects to the issue nowadays. In the graphic novel, the role of women is so insignificant and just appears to be the accessories for the men. At that time, the role of women in the society was not important because the story happened in WWI, when the rights of women haven’t been heighten and they haven’t been recognize as a person in the society, yet. Since the graphic novel doesn’t appears and talks about women so much and also doesn’t appear any black people so the director had to make the movie appears more women roles to set the balance for men and women in the society and to avoids racism. I think it was such a really good idea to express Benjamin’s “rise and fall” life in the more emotional way. Along with that, also for easier to express the situation that when a women gave birth to an old man, it would be a shock for the parents and that they just want to get rid of such a strange “human” like him. In the society during that period of time when the standard of a man is highly valued in the society and so their family, specially their son who was born such a weird appearance for a normal human so their reaction definitely should be really shock, disappointed, and would react like insane but not accept so easily like Benjamin’s father in the graphic novel. Due to the fact that, in the movie, Benjamin grew up in an old age home, he formed relationships with many more people and been through more situations than in the graphic novel and since, more...
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