Benito Mussolini Timeline

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Timeline of Benito Mussolini’s life.

1883- 29th July, Benito was born in Italy

1901- Benito had a difficult childhood and was expelled twice but aced all his exams, Mussolini gets a teaching diploma.

1902- became committed socialist and immigrated to Switzerland. Gained reputation as Journalist and Public speaker.

1904- moves back to Italy and goes into the army for the two years of compulsory national service.

1906- Becomes a journalist again, gets arrested and imprisoned a few times. Became editor of Socialist newspaper.

1914- goes to war.

1918- He returns from war and is an anti socialist.

1919- There was a war veteran gathering, Benito created new powerful force.

1921- At election 35 fascist including Benito won seats. Organises, the movement into a formal political party.

1922- Benito was appointed Prime minister by the king of Italy.

1924- at the election, Fascist won 64% of the votes and 374 seats. Giacomo Matteotti denounces the election as a sham and was assassinated, that was led by Benito’s press officer.

1936- Benito joins with Adolf Hitler. Benito supported Fransico Franco in Spanish Civil war.

1937- Italy joins with Germany and Japan in the ‘Anti-Comintern Pact’ and agreed to fight the spread of communism.

1938- Benito followed Hitler’s lead and passes antiemetic laws discriminating against Jew’s.

1939- Italy invades Albania. Albanian parliament voted to unite the country with Italy.

1941- Italians were pushed back to Libya.

1945- Germany’s defeat was imminent so Benito fled to Switzerland but was caught and imprisoned. Later his Mistress was also captured and both of them were shot dead.
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