Benito Mussolini

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Mussolini: A Hero or A Traitor?
Was Mussolini good or bad for Italy?

Rowen Carlo Mallari

Ms Dawn Goosen
Humboldt Collegiate Institute
History 20 (Period 2)
December 08, 2011

Benito Mussolini, a hero who saved Italy when it was in need of a strong leader. A man who restored hope and united Italians to rise up for their country. The youngest prime minister of Italy who wanted the best for his own beloved country. A nationalistic man willing to gave his own life for the sake of Italy. Here are the good things Mussolini hath done. After having the power and authority he always wanted, Mussolini did a lot of good things for the Pope and the church. The Pope was one of the most famous and supported man in Italy, so he did his best to please him.. Therefore, Mussolini end the conflict between the Church and the State by passing the Lateran Treaties in 1929. Because of the treaty, the government paid the pope 1,750,000 lire in compensation for the land taken from him after Italy's unification. Musolini did not only supported the pope, he also supported small churches by improving the salaries of priests throughout the country. Since religion isn't under the government's control. Mussolini tried his best to impress religious people. [1]

The Pope and the church are not the only things Mussolini favoured. He also favoured towards big businessmen and the public people. He knew that these businessmen will be a great help to him. So, he reduced the taxes and relaxed government controls on industry so businessmen doesn’t have to worry and fear the government. Also, Mussolini wanted to have support from the people. In doing so, he improved public services particularly transport. Mussolini was known for making the trains run in time.

During his first year in office, Mussolini really impressed the Italians after handling a quarrel between Greece and Italy. In August 1923, one of Italy's generals was murdered in Greece. Even the Greek government was innocent and blameless, Mussolini wanted a full apology for what happened and a 50,000,000 lire fine. The Greeks refused to pay. Therefore, Mussolini sent the navy in Corfu, one of Greece's island. The marines sent killed people including children in the island. The marine stayed in Corfu for only a month since the Greeks paid the fine and an international conference ordered Mussolini to withdraw. Because of this incident, other countries viewed Italy and Mussolini as a threat while others respected them.[2]

Mussolini tried to solve several economic issues happening in Italy during his reign. One of these problems was the southern parts of Italy which is strucked in poverty. In solving this problem, he tried to built villages named Mussolinia. Mussolini thought that by doing this, the lives of the poor will be transformed. Another economic problem in Italy was their wheat production. Therefore, he ordered farmers to grow more wheat so Italy doesn't have to export it from other countries. He even helped farmers in harvesting their crops to show his support and participation. Third economic problem that Italy faced during Mussolini's reign was shortage of land. As a solution, Mussolini tried to drain marshes and swamps and transform it into farmlands. However, only few of these problems were solved. Mussolini was never heard again and the marshes and swamps rehabilitation plan has failed. Even though many failed, at least he tried and few of them had some successful results. Italy had successfully increased its wheat production. One marsh called Portine Marsh was successfully drain. Mafias mostly from southern Italy was imprisoned.[3]

Libya was under Italy since 1911. Libyans however, did not welcome them and continue their resistance against them. Therefore, Mussolini declared and all-out-war against Libya on January 1928. Italy successfully dominated over Libya. This was a great benefit for Italy because Libya is...
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