Benito Mussolini

Topics: World War II, Great Depression, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: April 6, 2008
Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini had a great impact on the world during The Great Depression and World War II.
Benito Mussolini is mostly remembered as a bad man. That is mostly true; but he did accomplish some good things in his lifetime. Like when he drained all the nasty swamp water out of Italy because it was supposed to be known as a beautiful country. But Mussolini did do some pretty bad things. His impact on society was mostly bad; because he drug his country into a war they didn’t need to go to and weren’t prepared for.

Mussolini had a pretty rough child hood. He was born in Romanga a place that was often a battleground and was often invaded (Joes 57). His father was a troublesome blacksmith named Alessandro Mussolini who was often in jail. His mother was a school teacher named Rosa she had high aspirations for her children. This is one reason why everyone in there household had to speak proper Italian (Joes 62). Benito’s father Alessandro also followed the strange teachings of Mikhail Bakunin who was an anarchist who tried to spread his ways. Mussolini’s father was a very firm believer in corporal punishment especially in the case of unruly Mussolini (Joes 59). The Mussolini family was a very poor family, because their blacksmith father was often in jail and was also very generous with money towards friends. The house they lived in had crumbling walls and it also had mold and moss on the ceilings and walls. It was a small house that sometimes doubled as a school house, the kitchen also doubled as Benito and his brothers bedroom. In the cold harsh winters when it was hard to get fuel the family had to go with little or no fire for warmth (Joes 61). The family meal was usually served during the middle of the day and mostly consisted of vegetable soup. During the evenings they would have a salad and on special occasions they would add a pound or so of meat to the vegetable soup (Joes 62).

Mussolini’s father did not want to send him to a far away...
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