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The Effects Video Games Have On Children
Aaron De Barr
17 April, 2013
DeVry University

Children have been playing video games for a long time, from the release of Pong in 1972 to today’s more modern game systems such as the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. Over the years there have been different debates whether games are punishing or helping children. In 1993 the Senate passed a law on games where every video game created and put on the market must have a rating system ranging from rated E for everyone to rated M for mature audience only. This allows the parents to monitor what games their children are playing According to researcher David Thomas “A lot of parents are unfamiliar with gaming and are afraid of the unknown," she says. "But games can be a huge positive for children, as long as you set reasonable limits. When my 3-year-old watches TV, he just passively zones out. But when he plays games, he's actively engaged, thinks about what's happening, talks to me about what's happening on-screen and takes away so much more from the experience. Games offer parents enormous untapped potential.”(CNN, July 28, 2010)

The thought of a child sitting indoors in front of a TV for hours is just no good for a child, something heard often from concerned parents. Video games are played indoors and it’s true that children sit in one spot staring at the screen but unlike watching where it doesn’t call for any skill development at all. Video game causes a child to focus and make decision unlike an episode of sponge bob. In 2007 there was a report with on NBC news about parents avoiding video games with their children believing it was a waste of time when the parents themselves have never took the time out of the day to try playing to them with their child to understand the mental challenge of the video game. Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo have put a wide range of games that challenges the minds of children and even adults.

What’s often overlooked and not noticed by parents or people are the benefit of video games. Games such as splinter cell, the legend Zelda, Pokémon and Mickey Mouse road rally three very different games for three different age groups all that promote problem solving skills and the ability to develop strategies in order solve task in the video. Learning the rules of what they can and cannot do in the game help understand the meaning of rules games such as Mickey Mouse road rally are directed to the younger age group two to five year olds. This game teaches children to recognize the difference in objects, counting and problem solving. In one part of the game they ask the child to find the snow mickey the resembles mickey mouse giving the child three choices a mickey with one ear, two ears or three ears that just one example of problem solving taught through video games. Something expected from a game for that age group, so how about Pokémon? The game Pokémon has an E rating which means it’s suitable for everyone. The game of Pokémon is a RPG an abbreviation for Role Playing Game you take control of a character and it’s you goal to complete his mission defeat the bad guys easier said than done. Every game is made to challenge you mentally Pokémon is another example of strategic video game that challenges children mentally and even adults. Pokémon uses a situational battles style to cause the player’s to think and strategies on different combinations of Pokémon’s in order to win a battles. The story line in Pokémon also helps with memory where in some parts of the story the players are required to previous run ins with AI (Artificial Intelligence) characters though out the in order to move forward in the story line. Pokémon is a game that many parents who have never played might think it’s a waste of time. Zelda and Pokémon go hand in hand with the style of play a RPG that deals with solving many elaborate schemes....
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