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Benelli Ad Sell Sbe Ii, Confidence, Sport of Goose Hunting

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Benelli Ad Sell Sbe Ii, Confidence, Sport of Goose Hunting

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Drew Carroll
Kathryn Dirks
Composition I
24 February 2012
Benelli Ad Sell SBE II, Confidence, Sport of Goose Hunting
The 2012 Benelli USA ad for their Super Black Eagle II semi-automatic shotgun has many features in the graphics, language, and ad placement within the Wildfowler magazine, that help Benelli sell their product. At the top of the ad the words “SIMPLY PERFECT” appear set into the border that goes all the way around the full page ad. Just below the border on the top of the ad are the words “SUPER BLACK EAGLE II” with a picture of the camouflaged edition of the product. Occupying the right side of the ad is a man, who appears to have been goose hunting. The graphics show wearing an Under Armor stocking cap, a camouflage jacket, and some leather gloves with the finger tips removed, presumably so he can shoot the shot gun he has slung over his right shoulder. The entire ad is in black and white except for the two images of the Super Black Eagle II. The hunter wears face paint to help him camouflage himself better. He also wears a very focused and confident look on his face. Of the other accessories he wears one is a plastic goose call, which is hanging from a lanyard filled with goose bands. The hunter also holds two dead geese in his fingers. The text of the ad, which appears on the upper left part of the ad, states, “You demand the original reliable 3 ½” ‘cause you don’t tolerate malfunction hunkered in a frozen goose pit. There’s no time for junk or jamming guns out here. You’re called ‘PIT BOSS’ for good reason – Nothin’ gets past you.” Below that the ad features advertising for Benelli’s PSP (Practical Speed Performance), which is a specific feature of the weapon. It states, “SBE II delivers PSP when it counts the most! Shoot… Recover Quickly… Shoot Again Faster. And below this statement, viewers see the Benelli logo and slogan, “One Man, One Brand.” Kilbourne says, “Advertising often sells a great deal more than products. It sells values,...

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