Benefits of a Mid-Morning Break

Topics: Nutrition, High school, Health Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: May 31, 2008
Sleepy eyes and grumbling tummies are a common trend in many third period classes. Starvation sets in by the time students head off to fourth period, making it very difficult to concentrate. A break after second period would benefit a number of students who don’t have enough time in the morning for breakfast.

Although a break after second period would mean that the school day would be a bit longer, it’s a small price to pay for good nutrition. It is believed that students would be more focused with something substantial in their stomachs: “Children who eat… have increased test scores and the ability to concentrate in class; they also are more alert and creative.” (Sue Gilbert,

In a recent survey taken of students at Vacaville High School, 76 % of the students that participated said that they would like to have a break after second period, regardless of the fact that the school day would be a few minutes longer. It would hardly be a sacrifice. The passing period between second and third period would be extended from seven minutes to fifteen minutes; a mere eight minutes longer spent in school.

The school would also benefit from a mid-morning break. There could be concession stands established to sell healthy items such as fruit, vegetables, trail mix, juice and water.
With a mid-morning break everyone wins. Students are healthier and more energized, making higher test scores inevitable. The school also benefits by having more students focused and ready to learn, on top of making a profit from snack sales. A mid-morning break is the way to go.
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