Benefits of a College Graduate

Topics: School, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Ana Nunez Nunez (page 1) Ms. Waltman

Assignment 6
Credit 5

College Graduate For my assignment on Credit 5 I had to interview a college graduate. I choose to interview my own sister Sandra Galaviz, she is the oldest of four children in my family. She is a college graduate with a four year degree. She has been a great role model to me and she has motivated me to go to college, so I will be able to succeed in my career choice I asked Sandra why she decided to go to college? She told me that she decided to go to college because she wanted to better her future. Have a wide spread opportunities and get a better education for herself. There was one teacher in particular that Sandra wanted to be like. She always looked up to Mrs. Ramirez her seventh grade teacher. Sandra saw teachers as a great role for children. The next thing I asked her was where did you go to college and why did she choose that school? University of Santa Barbara was the college of her choice. She choose this college because it was closer to home and she knew she would be homesick. UCSB offers great teaching programs for upcoming teachers. Sandra also knew this school would have great teaching opportunities and help achieve her career goals. Sandra majored in English. She always wanted to become an English teacher as a child. Sandra got her bachelor’s degree and it helped her in many ways. It also, opened up many opportunities and many career options for her future. I asked her what did she like about her college experience? Sandra replied that she got to learn new things, met new...
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